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the rhetoric. in every large movement, 145 million people in the u.s., there is always a fringe. so, that doesn't represent the movement at large. >> the tea party caucus is non-partisan, but no democrats or independents turned out for the meeting today. most republicans who did show up have been the tea party fans for months. while the new caucus may give the tea party access to lawmakers, the fact is that it was created today. that proves lawmakers were already listening, bret. >> bret: all right, carl. thank you. on day 93 of the gulf oil disaster, there is concern that rainstorms moving toward the area more force a shutdown of efforts to seal the reptured well. engineers say they relief well might be, might reach b.p.'s broken well by the weekend. but an evacuation because of that storm system could delay that by a couple of weeks. also today, the times of london report b.p. ceo tony hayward will step down by early september. the company, though, says hayward still has the support of the board of directors. president obama today signed a sweeping overhaul of financial industry regulations t
by the act of kindness they are offering to help gus get back on his feet. they're u.s. soldiers and they weren't even u.s. citizens until a few weeks ago. can you imagine putting your life on the line for a country that wasn't even yours? on the fourth of july. 156 u.s. service members from 56 countries became americans at camp victory in baghdad. one might argue they have always been americans. they just now have the papers to prove it. >> congratulations. you are now united states citizens. [ applause [ applause ] >> god bless, america. ♪ ♪ >> in the recent cash-strapped city of detroit, 77 public parks recently risked closure. the city could no longer afford to keep them up. who do they turn to? we, the people. residents started digging in their own pocket and digging in the dirt to help maintain the parks. some mowed lawns. others purchase park benches on their own dime. 60-year-old howard king junior is one of them. >> it's therapy. it makes me feel good when i see the area, where i stand looks good. >> working to restore scripts park in downtown detroit. >> the city, t
of classified u.s. military documents "potential national security concern and beach of federal law," but says most of the information is not new. and reports today that b.p.'s chief tony hayward will leave in october to work for the venture in russia. no official word from the oil giant. glenn beck returns in a moment but first a special report. >> coming up we my have found new details from the leaked story involving iran and pakistan with the u.s. navy off korean peninsula and the new cycle that belongs to shirley sherrod at the top of the hour for "special report." back to glenn. i think this is sad, the president is trying to shut down offshore drilling. couldn't be a problem in the world with that. but chavez is threat being to cut off the oil exports to the u.s. and they provide 12 percent of all of our oil so i doubt stopping offshore drilling and chavez shutting off the pipe would have any adverse effect whatever ... great britain is decentralizing health care. i love this. remember the european model we are going after? they say it doesn't work and we appointed the man who called the
advisor john brennan said this. >> there are though, in my mind, dozens of u.s. persons who are in different parts of the world, that are very concerning to us. >> glenn: okay. so we just shoot them. we just shoot them wherever they are. don't worry about the miranda rights or that they are american citizens. if they are the battlefield, fine, i get it. but off the battlefield, gee, i'm fuzzy on the whole american citizenship. let's refresh our memories on what administration said it believed. i'm, i have to tell you something. i am looking for people who believed this president. january 15, 2009, there is no terrorism. it's man-caused disasters. really? march 13, 2009, the administration said there's no such thing as an enemy combatant. why? because enemy combatants, we'd be able to put them in jail now, wouldn't we? march 13. the war on terror doesn't exist. it's the overseas contingency operation. yeah. yeah. may 26, brennan proclaims jihadists are not the enemy. >> our enemy is not terrorism. er thevism a tactic. our enemy is not terror, because terror is a state of mind
and asked how much for a credit card. he came back and his name is just valid, his nickname. u.k., u.s. is $3. u.k. is $5. canada $8 and europe is $10. we're the cheapest because we have the most credit card. we could conduct a sale and buy a credit card for $3. go online and buy it and have it shipped to us. if the secret service were on their toes, which they usually aren't in the situation, they could march in the studio and say hey, you bought a credit card and conducted a crime. they'd look to me and say you committed a crime. it'd say no, governor huckabee did. you'd say no, you didn't, that somebody in the audience did. nobody can prove who was at the keyboard to buy the credit card. you or me or one person in the audience. >> mike: i think it was one of the people in the audience. it looked at some of the folks. i'm pretty sure it was one of them. >> that's why the federal agents can't go to vietnam and china, too expensive and prove who was at the keyward that bought credit card. >> mike: who the ares? people on the street or operating in foreign country? >> most are in foreig
was "the destruction of u.s. imperialism and the achievement of classless world," and in it and we will lay it out in the next few days they talk about collapsing the system from when, and this is important, because it's either the weirdest darn coincidence or it's exactly where we're aheaded intentionally. people in the media will say that these people are not directly connected to the white house. but you've her what people in the media have said lately. do you trust them anymore? they won't ask one important question: have the views of the radicals from the 196 0's, the 70's, and 8's and 1990s, have they changed their mind? that is what we were looking for in the her rode case. we were looking for their pivot point. these guys, you sees, there is much more than racism. racism was involved but they wanted to destroy our entire system. what caused them to act this way? if you look at the individuals, you have jeff jones, growing up in california. his dad worked for walt disney, and objector to the war but his beliefs were not well-thought-out and well form so he was swept into the radical
her. she's a castro and chavez supportser who is critical of the u.s. government and she should run for government, a long time columnist for the spanish language newspaper. this is the paper where this russian operative expressed her antiamerican pro marxist view, she wanted you to know that u.s. prisons are equal to modern day slavely and that arizona's unholy immigration law is modern day nazi legislation and that the united states is a heartless cruel human rights violator. sounds like a press release from the progressives. no, this was a spy from russia. another suspect, 28-year-old, is described as "striking." if i hear how hot this woman is one more time i could care less. the evidence against her is "devastating." she was busted in a sting operation here in new york where they were told she was giving a fake passport to another russian spy and the spies were trying to integrate socially and infiltrate policy making circles. i think you guys already accomplished that one. right that off. we have supposedly been, the spies have been here for years and years. is there a piece m
of the time. 1994, tom clancy wrote in this book, it's a rogue plot and crashes the jet in into the u.s. capital. the last part of it, the president is addressing the united states senate, joint session of congress and this is what it says. entire east face of the buildings half was smashed to gravel. barely time for the roof to fall down on the 900 people. 100 tons of jet fuel erupted from the shredded fuel tanks. this is '96. what did they try to do on 9/11? >> ianram, you talk about him, i said what did you think? i told her to read it. dad, it just changed my life. way i think. that is what ian errand does. she had a really hard time for her book. one publisher rejected it here in the united states at the height of the progressive movement. they said she doesn't understand socialism. she thinks i said band. ayn errand was born in st. petersburg when she was 12 when the revolution of 1918 broke out. violence broke out and she lived through it into her 20s. she saw the brutality of socialism and communism but the elite in america said, ayn errand, she is crazy. really? read her books
gus back on his feet. they're u.s. soldiers, and they weren't even u.s. citizens until a few weeks ago. and can you imagine putting your few life on the line for a countrycu that wasn't even yours? line on the 4th of july, 156 u.s.f service members from 56ic countries became americans at cs camp victory in baghdad. in now one might argue, though, they've always been americans. h they just now have the papers te prove it. >> god bless america god bless us all. >>> in the recent catch strapped city of detroit, 77 public parks recently riskd closure. the city could no longer afford to keep them up, so who did them turn to? we the people. residents started digging into their own pockets and digging ia the dirt to help maintain the parks. some have mowed lawns. others are filling cracks in ths asphalt and purchasing park benches on their own dime. haired king is one of them.d >> it's therapy to me. o it makes me feel good when i can see my area, where i stay at looks good. >> right now he's working on helping restore scripps park ino ipwntown detroit. >> the city, they have given up, on the
in the u.s. the system where the death rate from prostate cancer is 600% higher than here. berwick said this. >> any healthcare funding plan that's equitable, civilized humane must, must redistribute wealth from the richer among us to the poorer and the less fortunate. excellent healthcare is by definition redistributional. >> glenn: do you have like a secret book with all of this stuff in it? no. i just do my homework. but will the ever glib gibbs ever actually address what anyone actually says? no. why? saul alinsky. you attack. you marginalize, you mock every day. you attack anyone bringing up anything uncomfortable to the administration. as i pointed out throughout the healthcare debate i told you the so-called "reform" was nothing but redistribution of wealth. raxing was coming. i was called a paranoid lunatic for saying it. now you heard it from obama's hand-picked appointee to head up that program. here is how the website mediaite concluded their coverage of the exchange yesterday. the lesson: robert gibbs won't entertain baseless questions from reporters who haven't done their h
continually run it into the ground. back in a minute.   >>> i'm patti ann browne. the u.s. government promised in april to challenge arizona immigration law and today it did. the justice department filed suit arguing that the legislation is invalid since it conflicts with federal law. federal obama says america's bond with israel is unbreakable. he met with benjamin netanyahu at the white house and both leaders promised to work toward direct mideast peace talks. for the first time in 35 years, the queen of england arrived in new york city to appear at the united nations to appeal for world peace and lay a wreath at ground zero. for more, visit foxnews.com. glenn beck returns in a moment but first, bret baier has a preview of "special report". >> bret: coming up, they defend the national administration saying the president told him the prime mission should be reach out to muslim nations. brit hume has analysis. join me in 26 minutes for "special report," but now back to new york, and glenn beck. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: robert byrd's funeral was held last week but with the holiday weekend if
closely monitoring the state and prosecution civil rights division, the u.s. attorney's office and f.b.i. have open investigation in the fatal shooting and we will conduct review of the fact ands to determine if it evidence warrants of federal prosecution." took two hours to issue that. he can say what he wants but what they say, the actions of the administration especially with radicals speaks volumes. [ inaudible ] >> um, not in that context, no, sir. no. just for the sake of this interview no, context, sir. i don't believe, there are too many other white forces out here that are much more powerful than the ice of man would foe -- eyes of man would focus on. i wouldn't focus on the police. i'd focus on the police. >> glenn: this is the new black panther leader attempting to explain shamir shabazz's comment that they should kill white people and their cracker babies. he said for the sake of this interview, no it's not okay to kill babies. very clever of him, but i think the legal tiptoeing, well it's probably enough for eric holder but not enough for most human beings. did you notic
as the u.s. prepares to draw down more troops this summer. authorities in bellevue, iowa, launched investigation in a deadly accident at holiday parade. two spooked horses galloped through a crowd, killing a woman and hurting many other people, many children. for more on these stories visit foxnews.com. glenn beck returns in a moment. but first, here is bret with a preview of "special report." >> bret: hey, john. coming up, will michael steele step down as the head of the republican national committee? what would the political ramifications be for the g.o.p.? all that, plus the timetable for iraq. tom of the hour. >> glenn: a man after washington may be the most well-known founder, especially among children. the special monday edition of "founders' fridays" continues right now. tonight we are going to talk about my second favorite founder, benjamin franklin. i didn't know much about this guy. everybody knew he flew a kite, right? that's what all the kids. he went out and fly a kite and invited a lightning rod. you might have known he was an ambassador, right? did you know he was a
is recalling 138,000 lexus vehicles in the u.s. to fix the crucial engeneral component that says could make the vehicle stall while in motion. thousands of mourners turned out today at a memorial in west virginia for late senator robert byrd. president obama, former president clinton and others spoke at the service. three of ten accused russian spies will remain in jail after waiving their right to detention hearing. two of them admit they're russian citizens living in the u.s. under false identities. they will be back in court on wednesday. for more, visit foxnews.com. glenn beck returns in a moment but first, bret previews "special report." hey. >> bret: hi, patti ann. coming up, jan brewer speaks out responding directly to president obama. a republican figure is under fire tonight for something he said about afghanistan. join me in 27 minutes for "special report." but now, back to glenn beck. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. this is another "founders' fridays." tonight is the women of the american revolution. with us, david barton, awe for of "wives of the signers" and jane hampton-cook
from the u.s. army writes clearly an "f." any leader who creates back-to-back fiscal budgets and spends $54,000 every second is obviously an idealogue hellbent on fleecing america. >> mike: harsh grade from troy in the u.s. army. elizabeth? >> we have elizabeth who is an english teacher and i give grades for a living. for ideas, give the president b-plus and the ability to stay on task and accept constructive criticism and make constructive criticism, i give him an "f." >> mike: that comes from a teacher. knows how to grade. harsh grades. what else are we hearing? >> joan from new mexico writes "f," the arizona suit was the last saw. i just mailed $25 to their defense fund. >> mike: oh! what else are we hearing? >> jeff writes as scripted orator a-minus and unscripted speaker, um, um, um, c-minus. >> mike: sounds like the audience is harsh on the president's grades. interesting that they are consistently saying that he speaks well, and he has a lot of things that he says, but the execution of the ideas, that's where it's lacking. go on here are some more. we have want to hear what you h
underground, it is very, very specific. "when imperialism is defeated in the u.s., it will be replaced by socialism, nothing else." the move toward socialism, and that is not a secret, do not forget newsweek declared we're all socialists now, the people have noticed it. 55 percent of americans think that president obama is a socialist and that comes from the hard right wing source of james carville's polling company but the weather underground knew how difficult a sell socialism was to the american people, we are the most prosperous nation on earth, how could you change us. how do you convince america they need a revolution? well, here it is, people will resist. solution? "first by creating a politicization and second by relating everything to the most militant and advanced struggles going on so that they influence and set the pace for a lot more people." what does this mean? it means make everything political. everything is political. it all has to go through a central government. second, create or relate to a crisis. that's how you can give into people. the next problem, people like
advisor at the u.s. justice department and running for secretary of state in kansas. chris, i don't understand how, without any evidence there is anything going on and with this bilks i have read this bill, all it says is this is the federal statute, we want you to do it. we will call you, we will bring them to you, you must do it, all in accordance with federal law and it states 1,000 times, you cannot take into account, race. what did they throw this out on? >> well, unfortunately, what happened here is the judge agreed with a very radical theory of preemption that the obama administration lawyers were making and basically it is this m. preemption is the idea that congress has certain constitutional authorities and if they want to displace the states from the field, tell the states you cannot legislate here, congress can do that. but the supreme court has held for centuries, and sit clear our constitution requires, if congress is going to push the states off the field, it has to be an act of congress and it has to be unmistakable statement by congress the states are for longer w
in the world with that. but chavez is threat being to cut off the oil exports to the u.s. and they provide 12 percent of all of our oil so i doubt stopping offshore drilling and chavez shutting off the pipe would have any adverse effect whatever ... great britain is decentralizing health care. i love this. remember the european model we are going after? they say it doesn't work and we appointed the man who called the system "a seductress," and we hire him to implement the same health care system in america that doesn't work over there and they are getting out of it. how do you think this ends for us? for now, remember we all have to stand together. i will show you exactly how this ends for us beginning tomorrow on this program. but, first, i will give you a piece of good news. i told you before that the thing, the worse thing we can do is to break apart; that if we become them we're in trouble. you have to think like an activist. you are not an activist at heart, i'm guessing, you are a mom, dad, son, daughter, a check student, working hard at your job trying to raise your family and live you
was involved. before 1913, u.s. senators were appointed by the state legislature. madison said the house of representatives would always be a national institution because the people would be directly elected by the people. but the senate will derive the powers from the states. here is the idea. you have the senators be representatives of the state interest. like a lobbyist for the state. you think progressives would like that. the 17th amendment instituted a direct popular election of the united states senators. two senators right there, t two -- the senate shall be comprised of two representatives from each state elected by the people. why did they do this? well, they wanted to take the direct representation out and make sure the states didn't have the direct representation. let me give you example of the 17th amendment coming in to play right now, today. obama's healthcare bill would have never seen the light of day. a lot of things they do in washington would never have seen the light of day. why? because it wouldn't be in the interest of the state. have you heard this phrase? "unfund
frustration, grief and outrage here and around the world. ordinary people should insist that the u.s. government abandon its oppressive role of keeping down workers and dominating poor nations around the world." by the way, this isn't what he signed but he said he didn't read it. this is from his ella baker -- if, by the way, this has been scrubbed off the web. you know what is interesting? i learned from john ashcroft and chertoff, the former department of homeland security, he said what you publish on the web is forever. i guess it doesn't matter if you are clever enough, how hard you scrub your ella baker website, somebody can still find it. back in a minute. >> glenn: beginning of tonight's show i asked you to imagine a time of honor in this country. a time when a man's word meant something. remember the days of the settlers, when you could go west. if you had an idea, you could start it, you could grow it. the future was as wide as the prairie. opportunity as broad as the sky. and stability was as strong as the mountains. tying ourselves to unpredictable governments run by unele
. these claim that america went to iraq for oil. >> the violence of the u.s. imperial army. >> many people share cindy sheehan's beliefs. but what's the truth? reasonable people can argue that our intervening in somalia did somalia and us no good. but we made a terrible mistake fighting so long in vietnam. and that we shouldn't have invaded iraq. that's what these students are so upset about. >> the people united will never be defeated. >> very often students will accost me and say america has invaded all these countries. america invaded grey made da in 1983. american troops in bosnia and america invaded iraq. i say if america has invaded all these countries, how come we don't own them? >> good point. when the romans invaded europe, they kept it 400 years. they enslaved people. the spanish plundered what they called the new world and they made the native people their slaves. the british ruled india for 90 years. >> the british came to conquer and to rule. >> the french colon niced algeria. in fact, european countries took over most of africa for a hundred years. russia conquered more than a doze
to uphold u.s. law. holder says seeking to go through this through patch law will only create more problems than it solves. really? that's weird. maybe the federal government should have done something even in the bush administration or before. maybe they could have responded to arizona or texas numerous pleas for help. but they didn't. why? because the problem they're trying to confront here has nothing to do with securing the border or fixing illegal immigration or drug smuggling or potential terrorists or anything you're worried about. it has to do with one thing. securing votes to solidify power. it's almost like the reconstruction era. that's it. now you don't have to take my word for it. i want you to listen to the executive vice president of seiu as he spells it out for you. [ inaudible ] >> that matters for the progressive community. number two, reform the immigration law and put 12 million people on the path to citizenship and eventually voters. >> glenn: "and eventually voters." this is about progressives. by the way, that was america's future now. remember that conference? we wer
. the hypocrisy here, of labelling conservatives racists because you want u.s. law enforced, the borders secured. while excusing or ignoring actual racist comments and actions up until the point you're 50. up until and including being an active member of the klan, is obscene. he may have been a good guy when he died. i don't know. i don't know. i don't judge him. that's fine. there were good things he did late in life. but we should point out and remember all the really, really, really bad things, too. the head of the department of justice called us a nation of cowards, because of our racism. could we spend a few minutes on that one? next. imagine a vacuum designed to make cleaning your home fast and easy. it's here! the powerful... lightweight... oreck xl platinum vacuum. you don't vacuum open floors, you vacuum rooms filled with furniture. and the xl platinum makes cleaning under, around, and behind them a lot easier! unlike big, heavy vacuums, the xl platinum gives you the 102-miles-per-hour of direct suction in an upright that only weighs about nine-pounds. and cleans in virtually one pass,
-year investigation in bush administration firing of nine u.s. attorneys ended today. the justice department said no charges will be filed. the financial overall bill that president obama fought hard to get passed is now law. the president signing the bill this morning. for more on the story, visit foxnews.com. glenn beck returns in a moment but first a preview of special report with bret. >> bret: coming up, team coverage of the shirley sherrod story, with a timeline perspective, questions and panel discussion. plus, tea party caucus on capitol hill unveiled. join me in 24 minutes for "special report." now back to glenn beck. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: we're having a root beer summit today and i hope we all learn a lesson. we all know about bias in the media. we've shown many examples of the liberal or the progressive bias in the mainstream media. we know that they complain that we here at fox are biased toward conservatives or republicans. ahh. well, i guess compared to them, showing both sides, airing the facts, you know. i guess to them that would appear biased. until this week, we didn't even know th
three people along the u.s.-mexico border yesterday and we know it was a car bomb set off by a cell phone. officials say the attack was retaliation for the arrest of a drug cartel boss. apple ceo steve jobs says the company will give free protective cases to buyers of the latest iphone model to help an antenna problem. holding the iphone 4 with a bare hand can hurt the signal. glenn beck returns in a moment but first bret baier with a preview of "special report." >> bret: coming up, pro-life groups are up in arms saying the state implementation of the healthcare law leads federal funding for abortions on the table. we're live on the gulf. join me in 28 minutes for "special report," but now back to new york and glenn beck. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: still with us is dr. alveda king, pastor associate for priests for life. niece of martin luther king jr. stephen broden the senior pastor from fairfield bible fellowship running for congress in texas. let me ask you this. i don't think we have announced this. i have haven't talked to you personally. you know, face-to-face on this. about announcing
enough to practically pay off the entire u.s. national debt himself. >> glenn: right. so there is nobody that has the kind of wealth that these guys had. >> carnegie was close. the need thing about carnegie is early, early in life when he had no hope of getting this kind of wealth, he says my goal in life is to give away $300 million. this is in 1800s when a dollar was a dollar. $300 million. he gives away $400 million. >> rockefeller gave away $500 million. >> they give away astounding amount of money. >> a lot of it is systemic work to solve scientific problems, boll weevil problems in the south. he gave away to help black universities and colleges. we only had one black college before the civil war and over 100 by the 1920s and '30s and rock feller is a benefit. >> glenn: give me the worst thing about him that's true. >> worst thing about rockefeller he tried to control the market. and he darn near succeeded. he achieved 70% concentration, and yet he never got what we call monopoly pricing. the price of oil and kerosene kept falling, the more he controlled the further down the price w
the speakers expressed anger at israel and u.s. foreign policies. this is the same banquet that obama spoke of his friendship with the terrorist sympathizer. just sat around the dinner time talk about things. he has announced funds to challenge blockade of ships in september, october, something around there. nothing big will happen around that time. remember how it worked out last time when they had the flotilla over there? but don't worry. don't worry. because this is rashid khalidi, a friend of the president. another wild coincidence, do you remember the second book obama had, the second book. "audacity of hope," named for aer isman given by jeremiah wright, the preacher he tried to distance himself from. yeah, yeah, yeah. guess what the name of the boat is. the "audacity of hope." buckle up, america. it is going to be a very bumpy fall. and ben bernanke began his regularly scheduled testimony before lawmakers saying this today -- >> even as the federal reserve continues planning for the ultimate withdrawal of extraordinary monetary policy accommodation, we recognize the economic outlook
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